If I wasn't a photographer I would be: a chef
I have a huge respect for: cake bakers (have you ever tried to make a wedding cake?)
Fun Fact: I am 50% Scottish
I'd love to meet: Kelly Cutrone and P!nk
The movies I could watch over and over: Zoolander and Eat, Pray, Love
Fun Fact: I am a Chi Omega
I tend to buy too many: Beauty Products (I can spend hours in Sephora)
I love to wear: black tops and jeans
Fun Fact: I've been to Cartagena, Colombia
A favorite childhood memory: boating with my dad
My fashion obsession started: by reading tons of magazines in my mom's hair shop
Fun Fact: I helped with a sick Bengal Tiger (my dad's childhood friend had a circus)
A few places I can't wait to visit: Singapore, Hawaii, Iceland and Italy
My favorite cities: Santa Monica and New York City
Fun Fact: I am a ballroom dancer (Chris is the best partner!)
My favorite part of a wedding: The bride walking into her ceremony (I usually cry)
I strive to have the best photo of: the cake!
Fun fact: I backpacked on some of the fourteeners
My favorite online store: Nordstrom's shoe department!
My favorite blog: The Sartorialist
Fun Fact: I rode in a friends hot air balloon at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
My favorite catalog: Anthropologie! Oh and PBteen
My favorite magazine: Sunset
Fun Fact: I've done yoga on a paddleboard (so much fun!)
My favorite books: Anything on Sociology, Biographies, Self-help
My favorite music: Naked and Famous, P!nk, Katy Perry, Peter Murphy, Joshua Bell, The Beatles, U2, Jim Brickman, Elton John

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