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Portrait Photography Prices

Our portrait pricing includes the following:

Frequently Asked Portrait Questions

How soon after the session will our images be online?
The edited images will be online usually 1-2 weeks after the session.

If I use my credit towards the digital files, will the prints that I order from you look just like the images on my disc?
Not necessarily. Prints that we make for you or for your wedding album will be printed on professional paper by a professional lab. This may result in some differences in color and quality when compared to prints made at a local photo lab from your disc.

Can we include our dogs in our session?
Yes! If you don't want to include your dogs in all of the photos be sure to bring a friend to handle them while we are taking the non-dog photos.

What should I wear to the session?
Solid colors always photograph well. If you don't want to match you can all wear the same colors - for example turquoise, white and tan or light green, dark green and denim. Some families like to wear all the same color of bottoms and then a shade of the same color on top - for example pink, red, maroon, etc. You are welcome to change outfits during the session.

How long will the family portrait session last?
Sessions are usually one to two hours.

Where will we be taking the photos?
You choose the location for the session. We have locations we suggest in the Orlando area and you can also use your home, your favorite park, where you spend time on the weekend, the vacation home you rented, the resort where you are staying, Downtown Disney, Disney's Boardwalk and the beach. Our favorite beaches in the area are New Smyrna Beach and Clearwater Beach.

What should we bring to the session?
Feel free to bring any props you want to include - hats from your favorite sports team, a football, bubbles, favorite books you read to your children, your convertible car, your boat, etc. You can also ask each family member to bring one item that defines them as a person - for example a gardener could bring their hand shovel and gloves, a golfer could bring a club or two, a musician could bring their guitar or saxophone, an avid reader could bring a few books, etc.

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